About Our Logo

The longest night of the year occurs around December 21, commonly referred to as the winter solstice.  The nights are dark and the air is cool as the earth tilts itself away from the sun.  Experiencing the death of a loved one is certainly a dark day in our life.  Our natural response is grief and sadness.

The early Romans used the calla lily as a symbol of hope and rebirth during December’s long days.  A hardy flower not requiring much light, the blooming calla lily would represent that life can continue and flourish even during what may seem like unending bleakness.  In grief, our loss often seems overwhelming, but as the days move forward, we feel more warmth from the sun and know our love and memories for those passed will never be forgotten. 

The calla lily is part of our identity to let you know we recognize the dark days and we will do our part to help you begin the process of realizing the loss.  Everyone experiences grief in a different way, but we can all find inspiration in knowing better days are ahead.